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‘Yugpravartak Shri Madhavswami Shiksha Evam Shodh Sansthan (an Educational Institution) was established in the year 2002 in the precincts of Madhavashram in Bhopal. Initally, for the first four years this educational institution was totally a boarding school. At that time the Education Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Indrajeet Patel had inaugurated this school. It was a middle school then and the medium of instruction was only Hindi. Since 2006 the boarding arrangement has been discontinued and in 2008 the school has received recognition to run as a high school.Now students study here from Nursery to class 10th and the medium of instruction is both Hindi and English. About 300 students from the surrounding rural areas come to study in this school.’   


Some Distinctive Features of the School


Stress is given on personality development of each student. Apart from school studies encouragement is also given for development in other gainful activities.

Prescribed school time studies wholly completed everyday leaving no need for extra tutions or coaching. It is for this reason the school timings are kept from 9 A.M. to 3.30 P.M. Difficulties of the students concerning studies are attended and solved by the teachers in school time itself.

Good atmosphere is provided and care is taken to cultivate refined qualities for a meaningful future. Everyday’s prayer starts with performance of Vhyaruti Homa and chanting of ‘Sapta-shloki’.


Some noteworthy achievements of the last six years


In 2008 Nationals of the Judo/Karate competition held in Lucknow our student Miss Priyanka Sharma won a gold medal and student Prashant received a copper medal.

In 2005, on Divisional level our student Kapil Raghuvanshi secured II position for Science Model.

In the Balrang Competition organised on Madhya Pradesh level by the government our student Miss Pinky Jarwal secured Third place in Sanskrit Kavya Paath.

In the Judo/Karate competition held in Indore on Madhya Pradesh level in 2004 our school won 4 gold, 3 silver and 4 copper medals.

In studies cent percent success in Fifth, Eighth and Tenth  standards. Eighty percent of our students obtained more than 75% marks.

In Sanskrit speech our student Kapil Raghuvanshi.

The management of the school and administration of its educational programmes is looked after by Principal Ms Jyoti Potdar. Students are taught everything in our school like sports, Judo/Karate, Yoga, Pranayam, Art, Music etc. Financially weak but promising students are helped as best as possible by the school. The most outstanding achievement of the school is that the percentage of marks obtained by all the students in examinations have gone up considerably after they joined our school. Future plan includes admitting more students of the economically weaker sections of society and to re-introduce hostel facilities for a boarding–school. Extra funds, of course, are needed to fulfill this purpose


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